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About Us


iSmart Tutoring provides Maths and English Tutoring for primary & secondary students.


We create a personalized learning system for each student  tailored to individual requirements and help with school work.

We use computer based programmes which provide detailed student reports and frequent feedback.

We have experienced teachers right there with you!

We can achieve amazing results in a very short time!


Here, children are not only acquiring knowledge and study skills but also confidence, patience, and the right attitude to deal with success and failure.

Our Staff


  • 6 years experience working in school 

  • 2 of which years school teaching in mathematics

  • Bachelors in Education


  • 2 years school teaching experience  

  • 5 years tutoring experience 

  • Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education




A complete maths system which covers the full school curriculum.


Enhances the students' ability to communicate effectively.


Focuses on cognitive learning, memory and concentration skills.


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