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Terms and Conditions

The Subscriber acknowledges that this is a membership agreement to iSmart Tutor Centre and the membership includes use of the Tutor Centre Software Learning Programmes at the Subscribers home. The Subscriber also acknowledges and understands that the agreement is binding and is not dependent upon the frequency of attendance at the Tutor Centre.


The supply of products and services as set out in the membership agreement is subject to the following terms and conditions and any additional terms which may be implied by applicable laws and which are not capable of exclusion.


The Subscriber acknowledges that the Products supplied are for private use by the Subscriber at the Subscriber’s home and that the Products may not be used, copied, duplicated or sold for any other purpose and that the Products may not be used for generating an income.


The term of this Agreement shall be as set out in the Schedule. The Subscriber must notify iSmart Tutoring in writing whether or not it wishes to terminate this Agreement or to continue this Agreement not less than one month prior to the end of the Term. If the Subscriber wishes to continue this Agreement or fails to notify iSmart Tutoring of its wishes, this Agreement shall continue in existence on its current terms but shall be terminable by the Subscriber by providing not less than 31 days’ notice to the Dealer.



Following the expiration of the cooling off period, the terms of this Agreement may not be cancelled or terminated by the Subscriber other than in accordance with the termination clause.


To the extent permitted by law, the Subscriber’s obligations under this Agreement continue even if the Products break down or are defective, damaged, lost or destroyed or not in the Subscriber’s possession or any related service is temporarily unavailable.


If the Subscriber fails to pay any subscription amount or fees in full on or before the due date, iSmart Tutoring reserves all of its rights including but not limited to suspension of the operation of functionality of the Products and cessation of supply of any related services until all amounts then outstanding have been paid in full by the Subscriber.

If the Subscriber requires a technician/tutor to revisit and retrain the Subscriber, an additional fee will be assessed by iSmart and will be paid by the Subscriber upon receipt of the service.



The Subscriber may terminate this Agreement at any time after an initial period of six months by providing not less than 30 days’ notice to iSmart Tutoring. The Subscriber expressly agrees that the termination of this Agreement shall not modify or reduce the Subscriber’s obligation to pay any subscription amounts or fees due and owing to the date of termination.



By signing this Agreement, the Subscriber acknowledges iSmart Tutoring  (or its appointed representative’s) right to reschedule any subscription payment collections in the event of there being insufficient funds in the Subscriber’s nominated account or if any payment is not made by its due date.

The Subscriber acknowledges that iSmart Tutoring (or its appointed representative’s) right to collect any charges or fees arising from a payment returned unsatisfied by the Subscribers’ nominated financial institution by debiting the Subscriber’s nominated account accordingly.



If you are in default under this contract, you may incur additional costs. These include collection fees, charges and enforcement expenses.

This contract is subject to a cooling-off period of seven (7) days

Notice To The Customer: Right of Cancellation

You have for a short time a right to cancel this Agreement.

You can do this by completing and giving the dealer named above, before the end of the period of 7 days beginning with the day after the day, on which you signed the agreement, the notice of cancellation handed to you on that day. You can give notice by posting it in a prepaid letter, or by delivering it, to the above named vendor at the address shown in this statement.

If you cancel this agreement any money you have already paid must be refunded to you. If you have given any goods in part exchange (trade in) these goods, or their value, must also be returned to you. If you have received the goods purchased by you, you need take no action to return them but can wait for them to be collected. You need not hand them over unless you have received a request to do so and have had your money and goods (trade in) returned to you.

Privacy & Disclosure Statement

I understand that iSmart Tutoring will collect my personal information in order to process my membership declaration and for credit reference checking, account administration and marketing purposes. I have the right to see and ask for correction of any personal information about me.

Tutor Centre Policy


  1. Parents and guardians are expected to demonstrate their commitment to the education process by encouraging students and respecting our staff.

  2. Parents and guardians are expected to notify tutors of any special needs, allergies or other crucial information about their child/children upon joining.

  3. iSmart Tutoring takes no responsibility for any computer crashes that occur during the installation of the maths, reading and perceptual programs.

  4. Should a student cause any damage to the centre’s property, parents or guardians are to be held responsible for compensation including full costs of repair.

  5. iSmart tutoring reserves the right to decline a membership application or cancel the membership of a student at our discretion.

  6. iSmart Tutoring assumes responsibility for students from the time they enter the centre until the time they leave the centre.

  7. Parents and guardians are expected to pick up their child/children in a reasonable time following their class, extending no more than 15 minutes.

  8. Students are expected to observe and act upon the lesson timetable and are expected to attend all classes on time, unless prior arrangements have been made with tutors.

  9. Students, parents and guardians must enter and exit the centre premises accordingly and sensibly to avoid disturbances to others.

  10. Students, parents and guardians making disruptions such as loud ringing, calls or audio from mobiles, whistling or loud conversation may be asked to leave the centre.

  11. All food and drink, with the exception of water, must be consumed prior to entering the centre to prevent reactions to any allergies that may be present.

  12. Hats, hoods, sunglasses and other obstructive headwear are not considered appropriate for class.

  13. Parents and guardians are expected to wait for their child/children in the area provided, and not to enter the classroom while there are students at work.

  14. If a student cannot attend a class lesson, the weekly fee must still be paid. However, they may receive a make up class, to be completed within six months of the date of accrual of the class. Make up classes will not be accessible or refunded after the end date of the membership.

  15. Where a student will be absent for a period of minimum 3 weeks or longer, the membership may be placed on hold. Requests to hold a membership must be lodged in writing. Memberships can be held for a maximum of two months. Holds are limited to one per 12 month membership and two per 24 month membership.

  16. iSmart Tutoring reserves the right to amend the rules and regulations as and when necessary.

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